About Lucid Sometimes

This collection of experiences and information is meant to be a tool in understanding lucidity, using lucid dreaming, and preventing your life from taking control. Lucidity is not easily maintained whether a person is asleep or awake, so committing to being constantly mindful requires serious intention to do so; but I hope to show you how small steps make a huge difference.

Sometimes, the fruits of this practice take the form of beautiful landscapes stretching out in front of the dreamer – flying over crowds of elves and goblins. Other times, it is a matter of pushing out that one tiny piece of a memory to write down. Half asleep, you write out some messy reminder about laying in the back of a pick up truck listening to Johnny Cash on a bumpy road. You hope it will turn into something bigger. Maybe you remember the holes in the window above you. The anxiety creeps up that you felt as you clutched the inside rim of the truck bed trying not to put any limbs into the line of fire. Sometimes you’ll remember leaping out onto the hood of the Jeep coming fast at you and smashing through the window. Sometimes you’ll remember, and sometimes you won’t. From work to personal relationships, things definitely get in the way. Luckily, practicing lucid dreaming is more about what one does while awake than what one’s dreaming about. I’ll explain that statement a bit in my first post: Lucid Waking

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